Morgan Blue Silicone Spray


Part Number: AR00110
GTIN/UPC: 01609455
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DescriptionThis high quality silicone spray for bike applications to increase service time and to reduce friction. Silicone Spray protects the chain and gear with a thin adhesive film which repels water and dirt. Contains dry-lubricating additives. APPLICATION Apply the Morgan Blue Silicone Spray on the chain to protect with a dry, antistatic film. Repeat the treatment regularly. The silicone spray protects the chain from pollution by dirt or dust. This prevents oxidation (is not a polish). Shake well before use.Properties and AdvantagesHighly waterproof/repellentRepels dirt, dust and moisture.Constant protecting properties in cold and hot conditions.Penetrates fast in the chainPrevents corrosion.

Sizes 400CC,
Brand Morgan Blue
Model Year 2013
Barcode 01609455

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